10 Perennial Herbs To Plant Once And Enjoy For Years 

While starting and going through the process of homesteading and gardening, people go for many things. They do try different plants and other living things and several processes in their settings. But at last, they end at some important and beneficial plant. 

Whether it is gardening or homesteading, people always start from the plants. These plants are such impotent plants, usually, they are able to fulfill the fruit requirements of the family. These are usually large trees, which are planted with proper plan and fruit is being earned. 

People plant a few fruit trees. Usually, along with that, they go for vegetables as well. Vegetables are quite important for the kitchen. as these are an important part of the diet, people go for them. also, people who have become vegetarians are quite familiar with these vegetables. 

10 Perennial Herbs To Plant Once And Enjoy For Years 

Moreover, green vegetables are also recommended by doctors as well. People go for most of these vegetables. But the important is, that you should be able to grow and manage them well. But also, you should be able to take good care of these vegetables. 

But there is one unique thing about all of the common vegetables. These have to be changed as the season changes. You have to replace them and you have to go for any of the others. But there are plants, which are commonly known as herbs which can last a longer period of time. 

Herbs are grown in a lot of areas according to suitability. But these are an important part of the kitchen. They can last for a longer period of time as well. Also, you can use these herbs for medicinal uses. That’s why we are going to talk about 10 perennial herbs to plant once and enjoy for years. 

Why Go For The Plantation Of Herbs? 


Herbs are such a blessing to mother nature. In the start, humans were not aware of this blessing of mother nature. But as humans evolved and they started using herbs. They became known for their qualities and types of herbs. 

Herbs are an essential part of every kitchen in the world. The herbs can vary according to the area of the world, but they are there. The herbs increase the taste and flavor of the many dishes. These are used in many shapes and forms. Also, these herbs are able to decorate plates, salads, and drinks. 

Herbs have also a lot of medicinal uses. People use these for the cure of many short-term and long-term diseases. Even there is a whole school of medicine that has been established. This is known as herbal medicine. In all parts of the world, these herbs are there with multiple uses. 

It is not the case that a particular herb is available in a particular part of the world. As for gardening and homesteading, these are grown in the limited space you can go for any using the greenhouse. 

Also, these are grown at the commercial scale. You can earn an extra penny from here. The herbs are easy to grow and take care of. Some of them might require extra attention as these are important and rare. 

Also, some of these are very expensive and have multiple uses. Once you have grown you can benefit a lot from it. 

Moreover, most herbs are easy to store and transport. Even some herbs are part of the storage of other things like cereals. Once you have started you will really enjoy herbs, as they have much potential and usage. 

10 Perennial Herbs To Plant Once And Enjoy For Years 

10 Perennial Herbs To Plant Once And Enjoy For Years 

As now you know that herbs are important and these can be beneficial when planted with great care. Here we are going to discuss the 10 perennial herbs which you just have to plant once. Then you would be able to enjoy these herbs for a longer period of time. 

1: Bay Laurel 

This is one of the famous perennial herbs. It is used in both forms, fresh and dried as well. You can use it as a pot herb. You would have heard of the bouquet garni; bay leaves are an important part of it. It is used to add flavor to soups, stews, and other dishes. 

These are highly resistant to pests and diseases. You can plant them and these are great companion plants as these also prevent other plants from pests and diseases. 

2: Lovage 

This herb is also known as garden lovage. It is an important herb used in many dishes to add flavor as well as for medicinal use. It has a celery/yeasty-like flavor. These herbs are available from early spring till late autumn. 

Lovage is quite an adjustable herb. It can adjust to different climates and soil. it also attracts different wildlife which is good for the pollination of other companion plants. 

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3: Roman Chamomile 

Roman chamomile is not an annual herb like others, you would be able to enjoy it as a perennial. It is known for its uses in medicine, as it is considered a very important herb. You would also see the culinary uses. 

Young plants of the roman chamomile are also used as the seasoning material, as well as for favors in herbal teas and in herbal beers. 

4: Catnip 

Catnip herb is a very important herb for your herb garden. It is best known for being so much attractive to felines. It has also medicinal usage. This perennial herb can be used as a salad or as a herb in cooking as it has a mild mint-like flavor.

It is very repellent to most pests. Your garden will be safe if the catnip is there. It can keep beetles, ants, and other pests away. The extract from the leaves of the catnip herb can act as an insect-repellent liquid. 

5: Willow 

The Willow herb is an important herb. Willow herbs in the early stage can be used as a vegetable as well as part of salads. It has a great amount of vitamin A and vitamin C. You can cook the flower stalks as well. 

Older grown willow herbs can be used as the flavoring agent in stews and soups. Also, you can eat them. Its flowers attract bees and other useful pollination-friendly insects. 

6: Oregano 

Oregano is a well-known herb. It can be planted with any of the plants, as it is a good companion plant. You would be able to enjoy it well. Plant these herbs in good drainage soil with good sunlight. Prune the oregano herb for better growth. 

You can use it in many of the sauces and other in other dishes. It can be used in homemade pizza as you would have essentially heard of it in the context of pizza. 

7: Mint 

Whether you are a gardener or not, you would have heard of the mint. It is a very versatile and easy-to-grow herb. You just have to plant one stem of it, then you will see its growth. It is a creeping herb, as much you harvest as fast it grows. 

It has a lot of usage in the kitchen, in the dishes, drinks, and medicines. Because it has been in use for a long period of time. You would be happy to use it also can be used as a flavoring agent in soups, sauces, and others as well. 

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8: Rosemary 

If you eat meat you would have heard of this herb. Rosemary herb is used in many different forms and shapes. You just have to plant this herb in a sunny spot. It will grow well there. 

You can use this herb for many medicinal as well as culinary uses. You can add this herb t the meat while cooking it, in which you also use garlic as well. 

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9: Lemon Balm 

Lemon balm is quite a famous and the favorite herb of many gardeners. It can be grown from cuttings as well as from seeds. You can grow it anywhere in a sunny or shady place. Keep the soil loose and water this herb regularly. 

It makes an amazing refreshing tea. This tea is also known as the Cure All tea, as it is very refreshing and soothing. This herb has medicinal uses as well.

10: Sage

Sage herb is a very famous and common herb. You would have heard of sage butter sauce. This herb can be easily grown in sunny areas. Make the drainage settings good, so there is no chance of root rot as it is susceptible to fungal disease and root rot. 

You can enjoy this herb in the kitchen as well as the medicine. It important is to take good care of it. 

In a nutshell, herbs are such a blessing of nature because of their usage in the kitchen as well as in medicine. As a gardener, we should grow them and take as many benefits as we can.

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