18 Best Plants That Thrive In Your Bathroom 

You not only place your favorite plants in your living room, drawing room, or kitchen but in your bathroom also. A humid bathroom is a perfect place for many plants. 

When you add relaxing green plants to your bathroom then your bathroom will not remain a boring place. For your bathroom, you must choose those plants that thrive well in humidity. Because a humid environment is not good enough for all plants. 

Tropical and rainforest plants easily adjust to the environment of your bathroom. The reason is that they easily adapt to high humidity and indirect light. 

It is suggested that you must choose those plants that can be easily adjusted in the dimly lit bathroom. The plants that can tolerate low light are also exquisite and captivating like other house plants. 

In this article, we are going to discuss with you the 18 best plants that can thrive well in your bathroom. You can choose any plant for your bathroom.  These moisture-loving plants modify your monotonous and lifeless bathroom into a green paradise.

1- AIR PLANT (Tillandsia)

The first plant that is included in our list is an air plant. Air plants love to grow in humid environments. The special thing about your plant is that they absorb nutrients from the air. 

The look of the air plant is very extra sculptural. Air plant has beautiful and pointed leaves that are found in different colors such as silver, blue, green, or purple. 

Bright and indirect light is perfect for growing air plants. You must place your pot in front of the window where your plants get plenty of indirect light. 

2- PANSY ORCHID (Miltonia)

A humid environment is perfect for growing pansy orchids. The showy flowers of pansy orchids are found in pink, purple, orange, and white. 

The required humidity for the growth of pansy orchids is between 50 and 70%. It means you can easily place this pot in your bathroom. Indirect bright light is needed for growth. 

You should place your pot where it gets 2 hours of direct sunlight. The blooming season of this plant is from winter to spring.


The shower area of your bathroom is a perfect place for this houseplant. The addition of attractive exotic leaves of philodendron gives your bathroom the feel of a tropical forest. 

You will be shocked to know that there are 450 varieties of philodendron found in the world. You can choose any variety according to your choice. 

The required humidity level for philodendrons is between 60 and 80%. Bright and indirect light is perfect for growing this plant. You should avoid direct sunlight because it can burn the beautiful leaves of the philodendron plant.


Another interesting orchid plant that is perfect for the bathroom is lady slippers. This plant has long and pointed lateral petals that look fabulous. Waxy long and green leaves with long bloomers never let your bathroom be a boring place. 

The presence of blooms makes your bathroom colorful for weeks. Lady slipper orchids come in different colors such as pink, yellow, magenta, yellow-green, purple, brown, and white. This attractive plant tends to bloom in the winter. 

5- BOSTON FERN (Nephrolepis Exaltata)

This is an ideal plant for keeping in the bathroom. Booster fern is an attractive variety of ferns because of their lush green foliage. Boston Fern prefers bright and indirect light that’s why a bathroom is a perfect place for it. 

Keep the soil moist but avoid overwatering because it will affect the health of your plants. You must reduce the frequency of water during winter when the fern plant is in a dormant condition.

6- POTHOS (Epipremnum aureum)

The other name of this plant is devil’s eye because of its vigorous growth. This plant needs little maintenance and easily grows. If you know nothing about gardening and how to care for plants, this plant is perfect for you.  

If you grow pothos in a hanging basket for your bathroom then they can be grown up to 6 to 10 ft. Moderate watering is perfect for your pothos plants. You should check and examine the dryness of the soil.  

If you see 1 -2 inches of soil feel dry then it is the perfect time to water your pothos plants. Avoid over-watering because it will result in root rot. Pothos is also grown in water so you can keep different cuttings in a pot filled with water to create a bushier look.

7- LUCKY BAMBOO ( Dracaena sanderiana)

This plant resembles bamboo that’s why its name is lucky bamboo. It has segmented stems and it can easily grow in water or soil. Like other plants that can easily adjust to the environment of a bathroom, lucky bamboo also likes indirect bright light.  

Bright direct light is not good for this plant because the leaves can burn. If you select soil for the growing medium then keep your soil moist and avoid overwatering because lucky bamboo doesn’t like wet feet.

8- SNAKE PLANT (Sansevieria Spp)

This is a famous houseplant that can easily grow in the shower. Little light and humid air are perfect for growing snake plants. The minimum humidity level in the air must be 40%.  

If the temperature rises then the snake plant needs a more humid environment. The shape of the leaves is just like a tongue with beautiful color patterns. Moderate to bright indirect light is perfect. 

As you know you can also grow this plant outdoors so it can tolerate full sun exposure. You must fill your part with a light cactus potting mix.  Make sure the bought you are using must have drainage holes at the bottom.

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9- WEEPING FIG (Ficus Benjamina)

This is a small tree and if you like larger plants for your bathroom then this is an ideal option for you. Temperature fluctuations are not good for this plant because in that case, the leaves of the plant start dropping.  Indirect bright light with a regular frequency of water is perfect for growing weeping figs. 

10- STAGHORN FERN (Platycerium bifurcatum)

This variety of world is very stunning because of its unusual growth pattern that resembles the horns of a stag. 70 to 80% of the humid level in the air is perfect for staghorn ferns. 

That’s why it can easily adjust in humid bathrooms. A bright and indirect lighted area is perfect for growing staghorn plants. Regular watering is essential for healthy plants but you should check the soil when you see that it is completely dry then water your plants.

11- SPIDER PLANT (Chlorophytum Comosum)

This is a low-maintenance plant that is perfect for beginners.  Bright indirect light and consistent watering are perfect conditions for growing healthy spider plants. 

You can also propagate it in water. Spider plant produces tiny white flowers. Avoid it frequently because it will discourage plants from producing flowers. This plant can easily expand so you can easily propagate it. 


There are over 2000 varieties of begonia found in the world. A warm and humid environment is preferred by begonias. To encourage blooming you should keep your pot in bright and indirect light.  Maintain the moisture level of the soil by regular watering but never leave the soil soggy because it will result in root rot. 


Another humid lover plant is the dragon plant. The exotic looks of this plant give it a special place in the history of botany. Dragon plant has fleshy, long, waxy, and glossy pointed leaves.  

The leaves have strips that look stunning when you keep them in your bathroom. Semi shade is perfect for growing a dragon plant. This plant doesn’t need too much light. Filtered light is also preferable. 

The humidity level in the air must be between 60 and 80%. You must use a well-drained potting mix for growing the dragon plant in your bathroom. 

When you grow plants in a pot never use garden soil but you must use the potting mix because it has all the essential nutrients that are needed by any plant. 

14- CAST IRON PLANT (Aspidistra Spp)

The dark shower area of your bathroom is perfect for growing cast iron plants. This plant has very dark sharp foliage. This plant easily survives in the dark spot of your house.  

It means it is the best house plant for growing indoors. You must add peat or humus to normal garden soil for growing cast iron plants.

15- DUMB CANE ( Dieffenbachia Spp)

This plant looks perfect in your living room but the shower area of your bathroom is also a perfect location for it. High and constant humidity is needed by the dumb cane.  

When you see the plant start to dry up at the edges it means it is facing dryness. Waxy oval-shaped leaves give tropical vibes in your bathroom. The leaves have an attractive patron of dark and light green. 

Combine peat, garden soil, and perlite in equal proportion to make a perfect growing medium for the dumb cane. 

16- PEACE LILY (Spathiphyllum Spp)

Peace Lily needs less care that’s why it is a perfect plant for your bathroom. Long, waxy and pointed leaves have a rich green shade. The ideal humidity level for growing a peace lily must be above 50% and indirect and filtered light is perfect. 

The blooming season of peace lilies is spring. You must use rich and well-drained soil for filling your pot.  The soil must have peat moss and perlite.  

17- BIRD’S NEST FERN (Asplenium Nidus)

This is a very attractive variety of ferns that can decorate the shelves of your bathroom.  You can place this plant next to your bath or wash basin. 

The elegant shiny light green leaves have a rib in the middle. This nest-like plant needs a moist and humid environment. The humidity level of the air must be above 40%. 

Your soil must be a combination of peat and perlite so your plant will get all the essential nutrients. Keep in your mind this plant is a slow grower and needs little maintenance. Bird’s nest fern is perfect for small spaces. 

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18- ETERNITY PLANT ( Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)

This plant can easily adjust in small spaces and a dark bathroom can be perfect for growing this lovely plant. The sweet presence of glossy and rounded leaflets brings a natural impact. 

The humidity level of your bathroom must be above 40% for growing eternity plants. Indirect and filtered light is perfect for growing this amazing plant in your bathroom. 

The blooms of this plant can be seen from mid-summer and early autumn.  Rich and well-drained soil must be used for growing eternity plants. 

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