20 Best Gardening Hacks

Gardening hacks are helpful for gardeners in increasing their productivity and in many other ways. The use of gardening hacks is a form of recreation. Due to which gardeners enjoy and also increase their production. Now let’s study and learn amazing hacks about gardening. 

Keep Eggshells:

egg shells as mulch

Egg shells are very good for our garden. They acts as fertilizer in the soil when crushed. We can also use them as a mulch around plants and bushes. 

Egg shells are beneficial not only for soil but also for protecting plants from birds.  

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Save Your Coffee Ground For Your Garden:

You can add them directly to your plants as fertilizer or mulch. It helps plants absorb nutrients faster. 

Stop The Red Birds:

painted rocks

This is the next amazing hack for the garden. You can save your beautiful product from birds by using these hacks. 

Make a drawing of strawberry, tomatoes and other vegetables on the stone and other hard material and keep them in the garden. Clever birds will attack them thinking they are fruits but will not be able to eat them. So in this way you can save your yields.

Grow Plants Scrap In Water:

regrow veggies

This is an easy and cheap hack for gardeners. In this way you can prepare many kinds of vegetable seedlings like mint, celery, onion and even pineapple. And can plant them in your garden. 

Soak some of the vegetable parts (most of the time bottom part) in water with rooting hormones for a few hours, and then they will be ready for planting. In this way you can get more seedlings for planting. 

Plant Blossom Around Your Mailbox:


Growing small flowering plants around your mailbox is fun and enjoyable work. Planting flowers on a mailbox is the best way to enhance the beauty of your home. This method makes your old mailbox beautiful and charming. 

Use Laundry Basket:

laundry basket as planter

This is an easy and useful way. Only fill the laundry basket with soil and grow berries. The small holes in the basket allow air to pass through easily and help the berries to grow. You can also grow other plants like black paper and strawberries in the laundry basket. 

Rinse Vegetables In The Garden:

If you use this method, you can remove the dirt from your kitchen. 

When you go to pick vegetables in the garden, you must take water and a basket with you. So that can wash the vegetables and put them in the neat, clean kitchen. Plus you can use the same water to water your remaining plants. 

Encourage Bees To Pollinate In Your Garden:

Honey bees play an important role in the process of pollination. Prepare a place where bees can come and increase the pollination process. You can simply put a tray or something and put something sweet like honey in it. 

Bees will come to eat honey and they will be attracted to flowers of your garden and pollinat them to produce fruits. 

Save The Seeds:

This method is very useful for you if you want to save the seeds of inheritance. Collect the medicine bottles and after thoroughly cleaning them, put seeds that you want to save. That way you can keep the seeds safe year to year.

Make Garden Markers Out Of Painted Bricks:

It is a beautiful hack for the garden. In which you take a picture of any vegetable or fruits on the bricks with paint and can keep them in the garden. This method makes your garden beautiful. You can use these bricks year to year so it is also a way of saving for you. 

Add Coffee Filters:

coffee ground as fertilizers

This hack is very useful. Place the coffee filter under the pot and then pour the mud over it. This will not only drain more water but also retain moisture. And the plant will grow well. 

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Add Special Portion In Your Garden For The Child:

kids in garden

To make your garden more pleasant, you need to create a special place for children in your garden. 

It is possible that they create their own small garden. It will not only make your garden a learning school, it will also make it spacious and beautiful.

Create A Tunnel With Vegetable Vines:

vegetable vine tunnel

Vegetable vines add color to your garden. You can make a beautiful tunnel with these vines. When the fruit hangs on them, it will look even more beautiful. So this is a good idea to create a charming garden.

Crochet Baskets:

This is a great idea for protecting vine fruits. Make a crocheted basket, cover the fruit with it and tie it with a vine. This way the vine stays upright and looks beautiful instead of hanging because of the weight. Crochet baskets also keep fruits from rotting. 

Use Mulch:

Mulch plays an important role in plant growth, so be sure to use it in your garden. You can get higher yields by using a certain amount of mulch. As mention before you can recycle crushed egg shells and used coffee grounds as mulch. You can also use extra paper or cardboards as mulch. 

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Self-Watering Bottle Planter:

self watering

Use a terracotta with a bottle and stick it in the potting soil. Before sticking in the soil, make some holes in the bottle but not too big. The terracotta will slowly suck water from the bottle and keep the soil moist. These methods are also responsible for good yields. You can also use small terracotta pots for this methods. 

Cinnamon Powder:

cinnamon in garden

The use of cinnamon powder is very good for protecting plants from diseases. It has a property that keeps plants away from diseases especially fungal diseases. And helps the plant grow healthy. 

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Kill Weed:

Unwanted herbs are harmful to the plants in your garden. They do not allow other plant to grow. These shrubs also cause other plants to rot. Use vinegar to deal with this problem. Vinegar helps to kill the unwanted weed. 

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Use Of Hydrogen Peroxide:

It is a very useful hack for the garden. You can use them in any garden problem. The results of hydrogen peroxide are great in plant production. This makes the plants to grow strong roots. Because of this, the plants stay away from diseases. Insects that attack plants can also be killed by the use of Hydrogen peroxide 

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Use Epsom Salt:

Epsom salt plays an important role in the process of transplanting. Make a hole in the soil, addEpsom salt and cover it with a thin layer of mulch. Then put the plant in it and cover them with good soil. This will allows the plant to take root quickly and grow healthy. 

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