20 Most Exotic House Plants

Indoor gardening is the best way of bringing greenery to your living area. Plants can change your mood and soothe your eyes. This is a great idea to decorate your home with plants. This is a natural way of embellishing your living area. 

When you decide to grow houseplants then the first question that comes to your mind is which plants you should select. Before the selection of plants, you should understand the requirements of plants. 

For instance, if a plant likes to grow in the dark and wet forest then your bathroom is the ideal location for it. In the same way, if a plant likes to grow in a sunny location then a sunny windowsill is the best place for it. 


This is a small and compact plant that can easily adjust in small places. This plant is a grand feast for your eyes because of the green crinkled leaves. 

Beautiful green leaves have dark maroon undersides, this will create a wonderful contrast of green and maroon colours. 

You should use slightly acidic and well-drained soil for the healthy growth of this house plant. With little maintenance, this plant can produce white flowers on short stems.

2- MADAGASCAR PALM (Pachypodium Cactipes)

This is an unusual succulent shrub that has thick and thorny stems. The colour of the foliage is blue-green to dark green and the flowers are white, yellow, red or pink. 

This plant likes to grow in full light and warm climate. Make sure you are using well-drained soil in your pot for growing this beautiful plant. 

3- WINE CUP (Crassula Umbella)

This plant has waxy, round-cupped leaves. The colour of the flowers is yellow-green with reddish-pink centres. This plant is best for beginners to grow as it needs little maintenance. This plant can be used to decorate your living area with natural beauty. Source of image

4- RED CORAL (Rhipsalis ramulosa)

The other name of this plant is coral cactus and it originated in South and Central America. Although this is part of the cactus family it has no spikes. This is a very interesting thing about this plant. 

The shape of the leaves is flat and cascades downward. This makes them perfect for growing in hanging pots.  

5- LIVING STONE (Lithops)

Lithops is a succulent plant and resembles stones or pebbles. This plant is found in different colours such as rust, green, grey, brown, pink and green. 

The size of the plant is very small and you can easily place your pots on a windowsill or table. When you grow this plant in pots and place them in your living room then they will bring unusual natural elements. 

6- CORKSCREW ALBUCA ( Albuca spiralis)

This plant produces yellow flowers and they have the scent of vanilla. The shape of the leaves is very unique as they grow in curly ringlets. Due to the unusual shape of curly ringlets, this plant is called a corkscrew. 

This plant is native to the African desert. This plant needs little want for healthier growth. The extraordinary appearance of this plant makes it a perfect houseplant.


The triangular leaves of this plant are very beautiful due to the stripes of pink and green. It grows well in the shaded environment so it is ideal for growing indoors. Avoid placing your pot with indirect light as the plants can burn due to the heat of the sun. 

8- VARIEGATED STRING OF PEARLS (Curio rowleyanus Variegata

This is a very unique succulent plant as it has pea-shaped leaves. These leaves are very rare as they can store water and enhance the beauty of the place where this plant is displayed. 


If you like large flowers for your pots then you should choose this plant. The flowers are very beautifully contrasted with the bright green leaves. A sunny location is perfect for growing dark secrets. 

You should place your pot on a window sill where it gets bright light for healthier growth. Well-drained and sandy soil is perfect for growing this plant. This plant can be toxic so you should keep the pot away from the reach of kids and pets.


This is a carnivorous plant that needs shade and frequent water. A bathroom is the best place for growing this plant as it needs a humid environment. 

This plant has red pitchers and you can easily grow it in hanging baskets at room temperature. The soil or potting mix should not dry out as this plant loves moisture. There is no need to fertilize this plant because it can feed itself.


This is another house plant that likes to grow in shady places. When you see the soil of the pot is drying then you should water this plant. You can use your finger to check the moisture level of the soil. 

This is an easy way to check the watering needs of your plant. You can easily multiply your plant by planting leaf slices in the potting mix. 


This plant produces blue flowers and has pink flower stalks. You should use a high-quality potting mix in your pot or container for growing this plant indoors. Make sure your soil should remain moist. 

The pot or container which you are using for growing this plant must have holes at the bottom. It will prevent your plants from root rot. This plant can burn in direct sunlight so you should place it away from the harsh heat of the sun. Indirect light is perfect for the development of this plant.


This spectacular plant has beautiful red flowers which can last 6 weeks. This plant likes to grow in a warm climate or environment. 

Direct sunlight is not recommended for this plant so it is suitable for growing indoors. Make sure your plant gets regular water so you have to set a frequency of water. 


This plant has bright shiny leaves that look very elegant when you place them in your drawing room. You should prune it regularly to give a desirable size to this plant. 

Some people are allergic to Golden Kings rubbery sab. Make sure your plant gets water regularly and use the high-quality potting mix to fill your pot for growing Golden king. 


The shape of the flowers is like the trumpet of this plant. Light and water are important factors in the growth of any plant. Make sure your plants get sufficient water and enough light. The spectacular flowers of this plant will improve the beauty of your living area.


A warm and Shady place is perfect for growing this type of plant.  Whenever you feel the soil is dry then water your plants. Maintain the frequency of water and select a spot for your pot to encourage bright leaf colouring. 


Song of this is delicate for which it likes to grow in a potting mix. Frequent watering is recommended for the growth of adiantum venustum. Make sure you are using a balanced fertilizer to feed your plant. In the spring season, trim old and brown fronds from the plant. 


This plant has spiky foliage like pineapple. You will see the cups of leaves that made this plant extraordinary. Regular feeding will keep healthy and make sure the plant is getting bright light. Avoid full sun to increase the length. 


The scientific name of this plant is Dionaea muscipula. This is a very interesting and unique carnivorous plant. This plant gets its nutrients from the gasses in the air and soil. 

Sometimes they consume insects to get all the basic nutrients. When the plant senses an insect around it opens its mouth and traps the insect and digests them. 


The height of this plant can be about 6 inches with beautiful leaves and blooms. You will be astonished to see the leaves as they are like lace and there are holes in them. 

This will make them interesting and beautiful. Most people like to grow this plant with time. The demand and popularity of this plant are increasing.

How To Care For Houseplants?

Above is a list of 20 plants that you can grow at your home. If you are a beginner then you should know the basic requirement of the plant which you choose for your pots. 

Make some research about the water, light and food requirements of the plants so they will be happy.  In favourable conditions, your plants thrive well. 

The most important thing is that you should be careful during the selection of plants according to your native climate. The other important factors which you should consider are as follows.

Start With The Best Soil

Soil is very important as it helps the plants to grow. Your plants get all your basic nutrients from the soil. As you are growing plants indoors, you should use a combination of peat moss, compost and vermiculite or perlite. 

You should buy the high-quality potting mix from any gardening store or local nursery to fill the pot or containers. If the soil is well-drained and rich then your plants thrive well. 

The soil is the basic requirement for growing plants and it should be rich and fertile for their development. If you want to be successful in gardening then choose the best soil for your plants.


  • You should water your plants according to their needs. Some plants need more water, some less. If your plants get more water then they will become the victim of root rot and in the same way, low watering is not good for them. Plants don’t like wet feet so water them when you see the soil is dry.
  •  If your pot or container is large then it needs more water as compared to a small pot. The water requirements vary according to the size of the plant and pot. 
  • You should maintain a watering schedule for your plants. The frequency of watering matters a lot in the healthy growth of your plants. When you water your plant you should pour water onto the soil very slowly, when water starts escaping from the drainage holes then this is the signal that you should stop watering.
  • In winter, plants need less water as compared to hot days. So you should set the frequency of watering according to the seasons.
  •  If you place a tray underneath the pot of your plants then there will be no mess. 
  • For watering small house plants you should use a spray bottle. Misting is very beneficial for your plants. It should be done once or twice a day. Try to make a natural environment for the plants.


If you use the best soil and water regularly for your plants but your plants are not happy and not thriving well it means the lighting conditions are not according to their requirements. 

Like watering needs, lighting needs are also different for each plant. It is very important for the photosynthesis process of plants. You should maintain lightning requirements according to the needs of your plant. 

Some plants like to grow in shade or indirect light. In the same way, some like to grow in bright light so choose the spot of your pot according to these requirements. 

For those plants which need high light, you should place the pot near the window. If they did not get appropriate light, it doesn’t mean that they will die but the new growth of the plant will stop. 


It is suggested that you should use -soluble water-soluble fertilizer. You can apply this type of fertilizer every two weeks or so. When you buy the packet of specific fertilizers there are directions and instructions on it. You should follow all the directions. 


You should rotate the pot for better air circulation. OnOn hot days, when the temperature is very high for better airflow you can use a ceiling fan for airflow. 

In the same way, on winter days, you can raise the temperature of your house by using electric heaters. The suitable temperature for all the house plants should be 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

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