Best Plants For Kitchen Window

Every room in your house deserves greenery. But you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. So why not surround yourself with the climate effects of nature with kitchen plants. Here are a few of the best kitchen plants:

Aloe vera:

Aloe vera is a bright light plant so a south-facing window is best for this type. Aloe vera is like an arid environment but its thick leaves need sufficient water. That plant needs moist soil to grow. The gel-like substance comes out when you pinch off its leaves. Its leaves compound has anti-inflammatory properties that help to heal skin tissue. 


Herbs are a widespread group of plants that decorate your kitchen windowsill with the help of beautiful herbs like rosemary, lavender, and basil. If your kitchen window is on the dark side you can grow parsley, mint, and chives. Because they can grow in low light. And if you have sunny windows you can grow many types of herbs. 

English Ivy:

English ivy also can grow in low light. English ivy can also purify the indoor environment and also reduce the pollutants such as benzene, mold, and bacteria. We can grow English ivy in pots and hanging baskets. English ivy is harmful to cats and dogs if eaten.

Cast-iron plant:

Commonly, we use cast iron plants to decorate your kitchen window. Cast-iron plants have the ability to survive in any type of climate like sticky, smoky, dry, hot, and harsh conditions. 

Chinese evergreen:

The scientific name of the Chinese evergreen is Aglaonema. Chinese evergreen is a slow-growth plant and survives in any indoor condition. It has leathery leaves with a colorful pattern. 


You can use the sprout’s seed for your kitchen decorations. If you can grow sprouts you need sprout seeds, jar, and water. 


Microgreens are also called baby plants because they are only 1, 3 inches tall. Microgreens are bright light plants. They need to grow a sunny windowsill and a shallow tray. 


Garlic needs bright light to thrive. Garlic also decorates your kitchen windowsill. If you grow garlic you need 6 to 8 inch small pots and well-draining soil. 


Spinach is a leafy green flowering plant. Spinach has not needed a big space to thrive. It requires only a short area and bright light for growing. 


You can also grow tomatoes on your kitchen windowsill. Tomatoes plants need bright light so you put it 4 to 6 hours in the sunlight daily. 

Green onion:

Green onions are also called spring onions. They can grow easily in small pots. You can harvest it when their top is green. To grow the green onion is a good idea for the kitchen decorations. 

Peace lily:

You can decorate every corner of your house including the kitchen windowsill. It has shiny green color leaves and spoon-shaped flowers. Peace lily needs bright light to bloom. But they can survive in low light. 

Air plant:

Air plants are also bright light plants. It can grow without soil so it is called epiphyte. You can grow air plants in hanging pots, glass globs, mounted on a piece of wood. This type of plant should be watered once per week. 

Swedish ivy:

Swedish ivy plants thrive in bright indirect light. It is not a fussy plant its stem covers with leaves. Swedish ivy grows in lightly moist soil. 


Pothos is also a wise choice to grow on a kitchen windowsill. It has green shiny leaves. Pothos do not need a specific space to grow. Pothos need moderate light but they can also grow in dark light. 

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