Gardening is the passion of most of the people. By growing plants, you bring yourself close to nature and get some satisfaction.  It is not a small task to sow seeds in the soil and keep your plants with love and care.  When we talk about growing plants it doesn’t mean that you can grow plants only in the garden. 

You can use different ideas and techniques to grow plants even inside your home with the help of raised beds. The benefits of raised beds are many for instance you can easily maintain them without facing any difficulty as compared to in-ground beds. The fertility of the soil is more important for the best yield of your plants. The plants get basic nutrients from the soil so your soil must be full of nutrients. 

You can maintain the nutrients of your soil according to the demand of your plants. This is an important benefit but besides this, there are many other advantages like you can avoid bending and kneeling. As you know that without bending you cannot look after your plants but with the help of raised beds your problem will be solved and you can manage your plants effortlessly. 

In this article, we are going to discuss easily portable raised beds. If you are living in a rented house and you are interested in planting, but you are worried about that at the time of the shifting to another house you cannot take portable raised beds with you. 

But the portable raised bed can solve your problem skillfully. There are different types of portable raised beds available in markets we will discuss here some of them. Hope this article will provide all the basic information about trendy raised beds which can easily move. These planters will change the look of the place where you are going to place it. 

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This type of trough planter has an innovative watering system that maintains the moisture within the soil. It has sturdy casters which makes it possible to move it anywhere in your home. So you can bring a unique style to your patio, balcony, or poolside. Its walls are made from galvanized metal and have aluminum trim to make it durable. 

It has a patented watering system which has a capillary tube to help in delivering water to your plants. The built-in reservoir provides consistent moisture to your plant’s roots. You can easily grow vegetables, flowers, and herbs in it. It is a versatile planter that has a signature style and is ideal for dramatic planting to decorate your deck or patio.


  • The materials used for making this planter are aluminum, galvanized steel, ABS plastic, and polypropylene.
  • Its length is about 29 inches, width is about 16 inches and the height is 13 inches.
  • The depth of this planter is about 8-½ inches
  • Its weight is 18 lbs 14 oz.
  • It can hold 50 quarts of high-quality soil.
  • The water reservoir can hold two gallons of water.
  • You can easily assemble it.


Another tremendous style and portable planter which you can roll easily.  You can easily move it, that’s why you can rotate it so your plants will get even sunlight. Edible plants and flowers will grow well in it. This mobile cart is a great addition to your garden. You can also keep it porch, patio, or balcony. 

If you want an elevated planter box then this is a good option and you will prevent your plants from animals and pests. It has large wheels that have a diameter of 5-¾ inches and a sturdy handle which helps you to move it anywhere at your home. The lightweight powder-coated steel makes it extraordinary and sturdy. It has a shelf which you can use to hold different accessories which is another beneficial addition to it.


  • The material used for making this portable raised bed is powder-coated galvanized steel, PVC wheels.
  • The length of this elevated raised is 14-½ inches, width is 14- ⅛ inches, and height is 32 inches.
  • The depth of this planter is 8 inches. 
  • Its weight is about 20 lbs 2 oz.
  • It can hold 50 quotes of high-quality soil.


Another easily portable planter that has drainage holes and extra deepness for larger plants. It is suitable for outdoor gardening, its shape is rectangular which has accommodation for larger plants. It also has a steel caster so it can move easily with built-in brakes. Its tremendous design is very simple and modern and no one denies its austerity. It is durable and comprises a solid plant container that is long-lasting. 


  • The material used for its manufacturing is corten steel which makes this planter modern, minimalist and simple.
  • This raised bed comes into two sizes one the length of this raised bed is 46 inches, width 16 inches and height is also 16 inches. The Other size is length 48 inches, width 20 inches and height is also 20 inches.
  • The assembly of this planter is very easy into a rectangular shape from 5 panels.  These panels interlock to form a solid plant container for deep-rooted plants.


Now we are going to describe another self-watering planter which is movable due to casters. Its aluminum trim with galvanized walls makes it unique. After buying it you will love it to place anywhere at your home like your porch, patio, deck,  balcony, or poolside. The place where you keep it looks stunning by its addition.  

This adorable galvanized planter has a self-watering system that uses capillary tubes to provide water from the built-in reservoir. Due to this system, the roots of your plants will be able to get consistent water.  You can grow any type of plant in it like vegetables and herbs. The specialty of this planter is that you can move it, that’s why it gets rotation quality. The rotation of the raised bed helps you provide evenly sunlight to your plants.

Sunlight is an important factor for the growth of any plant but your plants need balanced sunlight. As this planter has the ability you can move so in the summer season when the rays of the sun are full of heart which is not good for your plants so you can move your raised bed to the shade easily due to casters of this portable planter.


  • This signature style planter Is made from steel, aluminum, ABS plastic, and polypropylene. All the material used in the making of raised beds will make it strong and reliable.
  • The short planter has 8 ½ inches depth but the depth of the tall planter is 11-½ inches.
  • A short planter can hold 30 quarters of high-quality soil while a tall planter can hold 50 quarts of potting mix.
  • The length of the short planter is 18-¾  inches, width is 16 inches and height is 12-¾  inches,  while the length of the tall planter is 19-⅝,  width is 13-⅝   and height is 22-⅞  2 inches.
  • The weight of the short planter is 15-½ lbs while the weight of the tall plant is 20 lbs 9 oz. 
  • Both sizes of the planter’s reservoir can hold two gallons of water.
  • For this planter, assembly is required. 


You will be surprised to see this freestanding planter box which has multiple containers to grow at a time more plants.  This planter is good for those who have limited space but want to grow more plants. Even if you are living in a flat and don’t have a place for growing then you should think about this type of plant which is easily portable. 

The unique portable planter has five containers in which you can grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Due to its wheels, you can easily move it to anywhere at your home. This adorable planter is ideal for growing and adds colors to your growing area. 

It makes your life convenient due to mobility.  This quality makes it versatile as it makes it suitable for indoors and outdoors. You can create an extraordinary landscape for your deck, patio, yard, or balcony with the help of this tremendous raised bed. It has a solid structure which is long-lasting and stable. Its frame is very durable and strong enough to hold the weight of your five containers with soil. 


  • This beautiful planter is made of steel and plastic. The steel which is used as a material in the making of this planter is galvanized.
  • The overall length of this planter is 29 inches,  width is 26 inches and height is 49 inches.
  • The length of each container is 23 inches, the width is 8 inches and the height is about 5.9 inches.

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