20 Best Plant For Roof Garden

Some people are lovers of gardening. But they have no space in the house for planting so they make a roof garden. Roof gardening is not a new thing. A roof garden doesn’t matter how much land you have. 

You will need a good amount of soil and roof plants. There are many types of plants that make your roof garden beautiful and productive, such as:


Strawberry is the best plant for the roof garden. The scientific name of strawberry is Fragaria x ananassa. Strawberries need many nutrients to thrive so we need organic soil for them. We use high nutrients fertilizers for its growth like manure and compost. 

Strawberries need more care for growing. They have oval shape fruit, three leaves in a group, and white beautiful flowers. Strawberries are a more attractive plant for the birds so you can use some implements for the protection of your garden. 


Cherry tomatoes:

Cherry tomatoes have a scientific name is Solanum Lycopersicum var . caraitorme. It is a bright light plant so they need more sunlight. The people who like tomatoes, it is the best idea to grow cherry tomatoes in your roof garden. Cherry tomatoes are less sweeter than common tomatoes. But you can use this for whole recipes like sandwiches, soup, and other foods. 

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Bush cucumber:

The bush cucumber (Sativus) is a good vegetable plant for your roof garden. Some people are worried about their poor experience with gardening. The bush cucumbers plant is the right choice for them. 

Because bush cucumber need not special care for growing. They need bright light and some other nutrients. you should grow bush cucumbers in a vertical way. Because its veins covered more area for thriving. In this way, other plants will not disturb its vein so you should grow in a vertical way. 


Microgreens are the best choice for your roof garden. There are many seeds are includes in microgreens, they are not a specific plant. You grow cabbage and Broccoli in this kind of plant. They need full sunlight and essential nutrients for growth. When they produce their leaves often sometimes you can harvest them. 

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Lettuce is also a green leafy plant. Lettuce grows very fast. You sow the seeds of lettuce, after 40 to 50 days it becomes mature. You can grow the lettuce vegetables direct from seeds. But you can cut – lettuce two or three times by regrowing process. Cut the lettuce leaf to the 2 inches part of the plant. After 6 to 7 days plant of lettuce will regrow. 

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Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) is also a green leafy fast-growing plant. Spinach also uses light and some nutrients for growing. The seeds of Spinach germinate after 4 to 5 days. 

And 30 to 35 days after it became mature. You can harvest the Spinach when it becomes mature. You can grow the Spinach in small pots and containers. It can easily grow everywhere. 

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Mustard green:

The scientific name of mustard green is Brassica juncea. Mustard green has many types, with the help of these types you make your garden beautiful and also enjoy the delicious taste of mustard plants. It is also a fast-growing plant. You can cut the mustard green plant after 30 to 35 days. Because after 30 days it will become a mature plant. 


Onion (Allium cepa) is also a roof garden plant. Other onions take more time for growing. They became mature after 100 to 150 days. You take a dry bulb for its planting. The green onion needs a short time for growing. You can harvest the onion in 20 to 30 days. Also use soil, container, and fertilizer for its germination. 


You can also grow beets in your roof garden. For the growing of beets, you should need deep pots. And filled with soggy soil because beets need more water. 

The dryness condition is harmful to its roots. You can sow the seeds in the pots after 45 to 60 days they become mature. You can cut it at any time. Beets thrive without any problem because they are chaste of any disease. 



You can grow carrots in your roof garden. Carrots are also shorter and longer. If you grow longer carrot then you take a deep pot for it. You sow the seeds in pots. 

Carrots also need bright light and full care. After 70 to 80 days carrots are prepared for harvesting. But if you do not want to wait, enjoy the taste of carrots so you eat its leaves. Their leaves are also eatable and good for health. 

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We can grow the peppers in small pots. We also grow many kinds of peppers in our roof garden. Pepper takes time for growing. We can grow peppers in two ways. 

Firstly seed sowing and another way of the seedling. When you grow from seedling they become mature fastly. Otherwise, they take time 60 to 90 days. In roof gardening, you can grow sweet peppers and hot peppers. Both are good for the roof gardens. 


Radish (Raphanus sativus) is the two seasoning plant. If you eat radish immediately then you grow in its spring. They become mature after 20 to 30 days. But if you can grow in the winter season then it takes time 60 to 70 days. You can also grow in pots. 

Spring onions :

With the help of spring onion, we also increased the beauty of our garden. They also grow in small pots. They take 2 to 3 weeks for growing. This type of onion does not make bulbs they grow directly from seeds. You can grow them in high quantities for getting more onion. 


If you have no experience in gardening so kale plant is a good choice for you. Kale is a hardy plant because it can bear any harsh conditions of the environment. You grow Kale from seeds and seedlings. When you grow kale by seeds they take time 55 to 60 days and when you grow kale from seedlings they take time 20 to 30 days. 


For the planting of potatoes, you need big pots also called potatoes bags. Potatoes are also bright light plants. They need more water for growth every day. 

Because dry soil can harm the roots for a yield of potatoes. When the potatoes have small eyes then you press the potatoes in soil for growing. It takes times 70 to 129 days.  



For the planting of garlic, you need one bulb of garlic. Separate the bulb into pieces one piece used for planting. Garlic takes more time for growing so you eat its leaves. 

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Swiss chard:

Swiss chard is also a roof garden plant. You can grow them directly seeds. Swiss chard is a low-light plant. It likes cool temperatures. You can eat it after 50 to 60 days. 


Broccoli is also a good choice for roof gardens. Broccoli has many benefits those people who care about their health know very well its importance. It is a healthy vegetable. Broccoli takes 90 days for growing. You can grow the Broccoli with seedlings. 

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Green Beans:

Green beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) are also a roof plant. It has many types. For the planting of green beans, you take pots or containers. It is a bright light plant. So you can grow them in front of the sun. After 7 weak you get green beans. 

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