Best Irrigation System for a Vegetable Garden

For proper growth and development of plants, there are many factors that are necessary, for example, water, temperature, location, type of soil, and many other things. If one of the factors is not working well then the production of your vegetables will be effected.  

In this article, we will discuss the importance of water for plants and how you will supply water to your plants. For this purpose, you have to adopt a proper system for water supply, especially, in that case, if you have a large garden. 

You should make possible proper availability of water to your plants. It is very essential for your plant health and the timely decision is needed for this purpose. At this point, the question arises in your mind that which type of irrigation system is best for your vegetable garden the answer to this question depends on another question which is

How much moisture your plants need?

If you have a larger area of the garden then the more amount of water is required for your garden. So, you have to focus on all the options of the irrigation system and choose one which is suitable for large gardens. The following points help you to make your decision.

  • You have to install that irrigation system that installs once and will last all season long.
  • Just turn on the plug to water the plants of your garden, there is no need to use causes or is sprinklers.
  • Less time is taken to install these irrigation systems, it just takes a few minutes, the only thing you need a pair of scissors, so you can cut the hoses according to the length you required.
  • The system which you install according to your needs and requirements saves your water. These systems, water the plants not the path of your garden, so you can prevent wastage of water.
  • If you attach a timer to your system then all your worry is gone, especially at night. Your garden will water itself.
  • If you live in a dry climate then proper installation of an irrigation system is essential for your area.

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There are three types of irrigation systems which are:

  • Snip-n-Drip Soaker System
  • Drip Irrigation System
  • Spray(water well micro sprinkle)

Snip-n-Soaker System:

This system is very good to provide slow and deep watering to plants. In this system, you use a soaker hose. When the water reaches the root zone of the plants, it keeps foliage dry which results in the prevention of disease problems in plants, and it maintains water. 

You can save more than 20% of your water by installing this system. You can avail the facility to provide water on that area of your garden where water is needed and stop the supply in that area which has moister in the soil. 

Snip-n-Drip is best for providing water to multiple garden beds at the same time. In the market, we can buy a special type of snip-n-drip system which is design specifically for trees, shrubs, vegetable gardens, rose raised bed gardens, and planters. If you have a vegetable garden then this system is best for your garden.

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Drip Irrigation:

If you want a professional system for your garden then you can buy a water well water irrigation system. This is a very effective and efficient system and a complete and customized kit that provides consistent drip action. By this system,m you can provide water at a time to 25 rows. 

The hidden,  small-diameter water line has precise holes at 12 ”intervals. You can cut the drip line according to the length you required and arrange your rows positioning to the holes to supply water to individual plants. 

In this procedure, the plants get water very slowly and deeply to the roots of all your plants. In this way, each plant gets water, and weeds go thirsty. So, you prevent your garden from growing weeds which is a big problem for any gardener. If you are living in that area where hard water is available then water well drip irrigation system is the best option for you.

There are two types of drip irrigation system:

  • Sub-surface drip irrigation- Water is supplied below the soil surface.
  • Surface drip irrigation- Water is applied directly to the soil surface.

Sub-surface Drip Irrigation:

It is a very complicated, expensive, and rare method in which you have plastic tubes of about 2 cm in diameter. These tubes are buried in the soil at a depth of between 20 and 50 I’m. These tubes are porous throughout with emitters. 

Water supply depends on the properties of surrounding soil as well as on the length of the interval between adjacent diameters and their discharge rates. This system will work well for you if high maintenance intensity can be assured. If you have an unfavorable Framework condition then this system will not give its output.

Surface Drip Irrigation:

This is a common system that uses a large range of drip emitter devices. It provides water on the soil at a controlled rate, ranging from 1 to 10 liters per hour per emitter. The operating water pressure is usually in the range of 0.5 to 2.5 atmospheres. The discharge of water from the lateral to the plants is controlled by emitters. 

The good thing about this system is that it does not block easily. The frequency and duration of each irrigation period are controlled by means of a manual valve for a programmable automatic valve assembly. Metering valves are designed to shut the flow automatically after a pre-set volume of water is applied.

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Water Well Micro Sprinkler:

If you want your plants to live long then water well micro sprinkle system is recommended for your large vegetable Gardens. In this system 12 sturdy sprinklers builtin-ground spikes. Six 180 degrees sprinklers water half-circles 8 to 14 inches across, and  360° sprinklers water full circles up to 14 inches in diameter. 

These sprinklers make easy the availability of water to the plant. You can arrange these sprinklers very easily and cut the 50 inches of garden hose to length to cross the areas you don’t want to water like the path of the garden.

Waterwell sprinkler save water and your endeavor. It includes three sprinklers and six sprinkler head extensions.  You can adjust your sprinkler according to your requirements. Adjustable sprinkler heads can make full coverage of water to the extended area of your garden. 

In this system, six sprinkler extensions are used which are adjustable and make it possible to meet your requirement of water. If you have taller plants then you can double the height of each extension heads. you can use at least 3 extensions for any sprinkler at a time.

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Which System is Best for your Garden?

We discussed in detail all three best irrigation systems for your vegetable garden. Now the question is which system is best for you. According to experts, a drip irrigation system is the best choice for a vegetable garden. If you have a large garden then a drip irrigation system is best for you. 

When we talk about water-saving, a drip irrigation system is the most effective with the efficiency of about 90% or over drip irrigation minimized the waste of water and provides a full quantity of water to your plants. The priority of landscapers for exterior design is the Drip irrigation system. 

You can install it very easily according to the size and shape of your garden, thanks to the flexibility of the tubes. Emitters can be installed at different distances and adjust to release water only where needed. By using this method soil erosion and weed growth are reduced. 

You don’t need any helping hand to water your plants and the cost of your labor becomes zero after the installation of this irrigation system. Another advantage of this system is that it is a low-cost process that can be done in low water pressure.

If you want your irrigation system to work best, there are few things you have to keep in mind. If your drip irrigation is not installed properly then it is a waste of time, water, and heat.  Proper check is needed for this system, if tubes get clogged water cannot pass through and toots get dehydrated.  

Sun the is the biggest enemy of this system because the tubes which are made from plastic effect by the heat of the sun and they get broken for excessive heat production. Soil fertility is affected by plastic tubes when the sun degrades plastic and affects soil and fertilizer.

Irrigation water tends to spread sideways and downwards in the soil from the point where it dripped.  The fraction of the soil’s total volume that is actually wetted depends on the density of the drip points as well as on the rate of application and the internal water spreading properties of the soil.  

In this irrigation system, the whole area of the garden is watered. The soil needs moisture which is easily maintained by the drip irrigation system. This system offers an extraordinary advantage over flood irrigation and even over less frequent sprinkler irrigation, especially, in the case of sandy soils of low moisture storage capacity and in arid climates of high evaporative demand. 

If we compared it with sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation is practically unaffected by wind conditions. One more thing is less affected by soil texture, topography or surface roughness.

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