How To Grow Jackfruit From Seeds?

Jackfruit is a tropical and fruit-bearing tree. It is very popular with vegans because it has meat like composition. Jackfruit found in South America. You can use jackfruit to make your dishes more delicious. You can easily grow jackfruit in your garden.

Can I Grow Jackfruit from Seeds? 

Jackfruit produces large-size fruits that are almost 35 pounds (16 kg) in size. It tastes is like spicy sauce when you cock it. It is a great meat-like taste for vegetarians. 

Growing the jackfruit through seeds is a very common and helpful method for the production of this exotic fruit. Every fruit almost has 500 seeds. When you grow jackfruit by seeds they take time in producing fruits but propagate easily. 

How to Plant Jackfruit Seeds? 

You can grow jackfruit with seeds and also seedlings. If you grow jackfruit by seeds then firstly you need fresh seeds for planting because after one month they lose their vitality. But some other varieties of jackfruit seeds can live till 3 months. 

Before planting, soak the seeds in water overnight. After soaking, sow the seeds in good quality soil (compost + garden soil +coco peat) and cover them slightly with the same soil. Jackfruit germinates after 3 to 8 weeks. And if you grow jackfruit through seedling then make sure the plant has only 3,4 leaves. 

The seedling will face difficulty in growth If you wait a long time. So transplant your seedling when 2,3 leaves are produced. After planting give water in a moderate way,  because more water can damage its roots.

Jackfruit can grow in any type of soil like loamy, sandy, and rocky but well-draining soil are best for them. Jackfruit grows to become a fruit-bearing tree in 3 to 4 years and will produce heavy fruits. 

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Growing Tips For Best Jackfruit Growth:

Jackfruit is a tropical plant. It can easily grow at high temperatures and low temperatures can damage its growth. One mature tree can survive 118 Fahrenheit heat. They also can survive 37 F for short time. 

The height of a mature jackfruit tree can be more than 100 feet. But many types of jackfruit are only 10 to 20 feet. It can live for a very long time. It produces one of the heavy fruits of the world. 


Jackfruit cannot survive in shady and low temperatures conditions. Low temperature can damage its fruit. They easily grow at high temperatures and produce more fruits. They need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. 


They grow properly in well-drained and rich nutrients soil. The pH of the soil does not matter to jackfruit trees, so they can easily grow in acidic soil. 


Jackfruit does not need way more water for its growth. They need water only when their topsoil is dried. More water can damage their roots.

Temperature and Humidity:

Jackfruit is a tropical plant. It likes high temperatures and warm climates. It can not survive below 35 F temperature. Lower temperatures can easily kill them. Jackfruit grows in humid conditions and produces a good yield. 


Jackfruit needs fertilizer for its fruits like other plants. You give granular fertilizer two times in spring and winter. You can also give fertilizer in form of organic compost every year. 


Pruning is necessary for getting good and more yield. Young trees do not need more pruning only remove their damaged leaves and stems. You should prune mature plants every year for their good growth. 

Cut the branches of the tree and kept them at a manageable height for harvesting. But do not remove more branches of the tree, it can be harmful for your jackfruit. 

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