How To Grow Jasmine From Cuttings?

Almost every person, from childhood, has been touched by the untamed beauty of wildflowers. Jasmine is one of the most beautiful flowers in terms of its fragrance. 

Jasmine growers also grow jasmine to enhance the beauty of their garden. The jasmine vine is an evergreen plant. Different types of jasmine produce amazing different colorful flowers. 

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If you are interested in growing jasmine then the following instructions will help you in this process. 

Choose The Type And Place

First, select the type of jasmine you want to plant. Then choose the place where you want to grow jasmine. Choose a place according to your Jasmine development plan. 

For example, if you are thinking of Jasmine’s hanging vines, choose a good high place, and If you want to grow a normal small plant, your garden space is great for them. 

Spread The Jasmine Plants With Cuttings

When the jasmine matures, cut off 2-3 branches and prepare it. These branches should be about 6 inches long. Add the rooting hormone to the soil and plant the cutting in it. Give water and after some days mix fertilizer in the soil. 

Prepare Soil:

Well-drained soil is the best for jasmine. They grow happy and healthy in this type of soil.  If the soil in your area is hard, dig it out and fertilize it. And if you don’t know the pH of your soil, test it. Because jasmine grows on the specific pH (6.5 – 7.5) of the soil. 

Grow Jasmine In The Pots:

If you do not have enough space for jasmine, you can grow it in pots. Fill the pots with prepared soil and keep the jasmine cuttings in them. Do not place the roots of the plant too deep. 

Apply them to a depth of 2,3 inches. Give them water in a moderate amount. And in this way, you can use jasmine pots to enhance the beauty of the yard or any corner of your garden.

Care Of The Plants:

Jasmine plants need more water in the early days. If you plant jasmine in summer, you should water more regularly, as the soil dries out quickly in summer. And in winters give water in moderate amount. 

In addition to water, plants also need food. In the early days, you should give the plant extra nutrients. Mix the root hormones in the soil so that the plant can take root quickly and become strong. 

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Pruning Of The Plant:

Pruning is essential for propagation and good yield. When the flowers come, cut them as soon as possible so that the new flowers can find a place to grow. Remember not to cut too many leaves or branches during pruning as it can be harmful to the plant. 

Grow With seeds

You can also grow jasmine with seeds. It’s easy but it takes time. Collect the seeds and soak them in water for 24 hours. When the seeds sprout, then sow them in prepared soil pots. 

Cover the entire pot with plastic wrap and place it in front of sunlight. After months, when they grow, remove the sheet. 

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Get Rid Of Pests:

Insects do not attack jasmine plants much, but if you still want to be careful, spray lightly with an organic insecticide spray or neem oil. 

Jasmine vines add color to the garden and are a source of pleasure for gardeners. If you are growing jasmine in your garden, home and corner, the above guidelines can help you. 

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