How To Grow Stevia From Cuttings?

Stevia is a sweet taste herb. We can use its leaves in many foods and drinks for sweetness. Those people who want zero calories sweetener, select stevia plant for their garden. Stevia plants are very popular in hot countries. Paraguay South America uses stevia in high quantity. 

Growing Stevia Plants:

Stevia is a bright light plant and direct sunlight is essential for the growth of stevia. The stevia grows 24 inches tall and wide when you grow stevia in hot conditions and when you grow stevia in moderate temperature then grow only 16 inches. 

We should grow stevia plants in well-drained containers. If you grow stevia indoor, roots cutting is the best way for planting but you can also grow with seeds. If you grow stevia with seeds then you put them in bright light until the spring season has not come because stevia seeds germinate only in high bright light.

After germination of seeds put the plants at a 2 feet distance. 

Be sure the soil of the garden or containers is perfect for stevia. In this way, you get more leaves from stevia. You should grow 3, 4 plants of stevia for getting more leaves in one year. 

Step By Step Guide To Propagating Stevia:

We should grow the stevia plant step by step. 

  • Firstly we should take a small branch of stevia which has two or three leaves on the top. 
  • Rooting hormones are best for every plant but that is your choice to use rooting hormone on stevia or not. You can also get a good result without using rooting hormones on stevia. 
  • You can grow stevia in many soil mediums like mixture peat, vermiculite, and potting soil. 
  • After sowing the cuttings you should keep the soil moist for 3, 4 weeks because in this period the roots are developing. You should grow 3 to 4 cuttings stems in different pots at one time. 

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Basic Care Of Stevia Plant:

Where To Plant?

You can grow stevia plants both side indoors and outdoors. If you grow stevia plant outside firstly check the temperature. Stevia plants grow at high temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The height of the stevia plant is 1 to 2 feet so you can easily grow indoors in containers. 


Stevia is a tropical plant so light is a more important factor for its growth. Planting stevia is best for those people who live in subtropical places. Stevia can survive in light shade but deep shade can reduce its sweetness. So you should put them in bright light, you get more sweet stevia. 


Stevia plants grow in a light amount of water. Its roots are present near the surface of the soil so you should water frequently. Stevia plants do not grow well in soggy soil and dry soil so you should keep them in moist condition. More water can damage its roots, you should use some pebbles in the bottom of the pot for drainage. 


Like other plants, stevia also needs fertilizer for growth. You will need rich fertile and moist soil for it. If you have high nutrient soil you can grow stevia everywhere like in pots and containers. Stevia needs moist soil so you can apply mulch for maintaining the moisture levels. 


Stevia is an attractive plant so many insects and pests are attracted to them due to its sweet leaves. These insects are harmful to their leaves. To get rid of these insects use organic insecticide spray. Insects are present under the leaves and around the soil. So you can find out easily. 

Harvesting Stevia Leaves:

You should harvest the stevia leaves when the 2, 3 buds are produced on the plant. Cut the leaves before the bud opens because its flower makes its leaves bitter in taste. The best time for its harvesting is endings of September and the beginning of October. In this way, you get healthy sweet leaves of stevia. 

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