Ornamental Pepper Plant Care


The ornamental pepper ( Capsicum Annuum) is a colorful fruit plant. It is found in North America. Peppers plants have many types but ornamental peppers are unique in them. 

It is a little care plant. It is a bright light plant so put the pepper in front of sunlight. Ornamental peppers plant need a specific amount of water. They thrive in the summer and autumn seasons. It needs fertilizers for its growth. 

Temperature and Humidity:

Ornamental peppers are a bright light and hot weather plants like tomatoes. Tomatoes and ornamental peppers are both the same in their requirements. Ornamental peppers need a 75 °F temperature for their growth. 

They can’t survive in the winter season. Ornamental peppers plant not like soggy soil. Because permanent humidity is a less growing factor in ornamental peppers. 


Ornamental peppers need loamy soil for their growth. Loamy soil is a mixture of compost and manure. These components are essential for the healthy growth of plants. They cannot thrive in heavy clay soil. You can grow them in pots and containers. 


Take some seeds of ornamental peppers and sow them in the pots. You can sow the seeds 1\4 (6mm) deep in the soil. Cover the seeds with slight soil. After planting you give them more light and warm conditions to germinate. Give water in a moderate way. After 2 weeks the ornamental peppers will sprout. 

Pinching off Stems:

You can pinch the leaves and stems of the ornamental peppers plant when they are 6 inches tall. The pinching way is very important in the growth of the peppers plant. And non-pinched plants need staking after producing fruit. 


Ornamental peppers are bright light plants so you put them on the East and West sides. Pepper plants produce flowers and colorful fruit in the presence of light. But if you grow them indoors, supply artificial light for their thriving. 


Like other plants, ornamental peppers are also needed fertilizer. But take the nutrients in a sequence way. Because ornamental peppers plant needs a steady stream of nutrients for its blooming. and fruiting. 

Phosphorus, Potassium, Nitrogen, and 5-10-10 Fertilizers are very important in the production of ornamental peppers. You can take the fertilizer for the first time when the plant produces its first fruit then give fertilizer after 6 weeks. 


Ornamental peppers do not like more water. Because excess water conditions are damaging for its roots. They like moist conditions. Give them a little water per week. 

Repotting in Containers:

Repotting is very necessary for the ornamental peppers plant. For the repotting of ornamental peppers, use big containers for the growth of ornamental peppers. If you have a large container so you can grow multiple ornamental peppers in it. 

Grow from Seeds:

It is a good way to produce the pepper plant from the seeds. You sow the seeds before the last frost. Cover the seeds with slight soil and give temperatures 80°c after 2 weeks they germinate. 

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10. Managing Pests and Disease:

Ornamental peppers are colorful fruit plants. so insects and pests are attracted to them. Insects harm the plants and produce many diseases in them. 


Insects damage the pepper plant if you put them outside of the door. But if you wanted to escape from the insects, put them indoor. 


Aphids are dangerous for ornamental peppers plant. Aphids suck the fluid of the plant. In this way, the plant stunted and deformed. You can get rid of Aphid by using water and insecticidal soap. 


Cutworms eat the stem of ornamental peppers plant. In this way, they damage the base of the plants. Cutworm is a member of moth species. They are found in many colors like grey, brown and mottled. We escaped the plant stem by using diatomaceous earth. 

Peppers Maggots:

This type of pest lives in the skin of peppers plants and lay eggs. Pepper maggots can affect the growth of peppers plants. You can easily know the presence of peppers maggots on the plant. To get rid of peppers maggots use sticky traps. Sticky trap us catch the adult maggots. 


Whiteflies are another type of pest they also damage many parts of the ornamental peppers plant. We can get rid of the whiteflies by using insecticidal soap. 

Are Ornamental Peppers Edible?

Many people eat ornamental peppers fruits because they are able to eat them. Ornamental peppers have many types every type has various tastes. We grow ornamental peppers only for their fruit. They are hot and less sweet. 

Its fruit is harmful to your skin and eye. so can’t touch your eyes and other parts after touching the leaves or fruits of peppers. 

Those people who have stomach issues cannot use ornamental peppers because they are hot and spicy. 


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