A Guide For Dummies To Grow Grapes From Seeds

Grapevines play an important role in beautifying the garden. But growing them in a healthy way is a skill. Many gardeners ruin their entire crop because of their small mistakes. Every step has to be followed carefully while growing grapes. 

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We can grow grapes from seeds as well as from cutting and grafting. If you grow grapes by cutting or grafting, you can reap the fruits quickly. But if you grow grapes from seeds, you will have to wait a long time for the fruit. 

The following steps will help you to grow grapes through seeds. 

Selection Of Seeds:

There are many varieties of grapes. We should grow grapes according to our purpose, such as to make jam or for fruits, etc. So you need to choose your goal and then choose the grape seeds accordingly. In addition, you should choose the seeds that are right for the weather in your area. 

Get Seeds:

After selecting the grape variety according to your plan, you need to get the seeds. You can get the seeds from any place, nursery, or directly from the fruit. If you get seeds from grapes, you must first prepare them for germination. 

Prepare The Seeds:

First, wash the seeds thoroughly so that the seed pulp gets separated from the seeds. Press the seeds hard to check if they are healthy. If the seed does not break, it is a healthy seed. 

Then soak the seeds or wrap them in a wet towel and refrigerate. After 3 months, the seeds will be ready for planting. 

Prepare The Soil:

Before sowing the seeds you should prepare the soil.  Check the pH of the soil. Add important nutrients. If you have sandy and rocky soils, you should add some fertilizer (manure, compost, coco peat, and peat moss).

If you are a beginner, you should just mix equal parts of compost and gardening soil and use that mixture. Or you can learn how to make your own potting soil to sow seeds. 

Sow The Seeds:

Fill the prepared soil into pots and containers, then sow the seeds in the pots at a distance of 2 inches. Cover them with a thin layer of the same soil. Give them water. 

Keep the seeds at a high temperature so that they can germinate quickly. You can also keep them in the greenhouse to provide the temperature. When the upper surface of the pot is dry give them water again. 

Transplant Plants:

Grape seeds will germinate in 3-7 weeks depending on the variety. When the plants grow up to 3 inches, transfer them to big pots or in your garden soil. Plant the seedlings 6 to 8 feet apart. Add some fertilizer and use mulch. Keep your pots in a place where sunlight is optimum (at least 6-8 hours a day). 

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Support Plants:

Grapevines need support to grow. When the plants grow well, support them so that they do not rot. You can mount the vines to any wire, this will save the vines and also make the garden look beautiful. 

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Plant Care:

Grape plants require a lot of care. Check and water the plant every day. Fertilize after a few weeks. Keep cleaning the unimportant leaves so that other leaves can grow easily. Grape plants can take 1-2 years to grow and bear fruit. But good preservation is key to early fruit production. 

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